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Our driving classes are affordable & reasonably priced to better accommodate your needs. We accept payment via e-transfer.

*All pricing applicable taxes (GST %5) are not included.

GENERAL  DRIVER ASSESSMENT – New to Canada driver or beginner driver, road test preparation, slow learner, fear, anxiety. Start from here!  Length: up to 2  hours. Cost $180.

Starter: Brush Up Package

Our Starter: Brush Up package is perfect for those of you looking for a quick recap of driving fundamentals in preparation for an upcoming test. If you learned to drive a while ago, but you’re a bit loose on the technicalities of local British Columbia driving law, specific parking skills, or road awareness, this is the the course for you!

Length: 4.5 hours

Lessons: 3 ( x 1.5hr)

Starting at $420.

Novice: Basics Package

The next level up from our Starter: Brush Up package, the Novice: Basics package provides significantly more time on the road to improve your understanding of local & federal driving laws. If you’ve driven before, but you want to improve your technical skills, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of B.C’s driving rules and regulations, choose the Novice package today!

Length: 9 hours

Lessons: 6 ( x 1.5hr)

Starting at $840 $740.

Total Beginner: 1

Our most popular driving package, the Total Beginner 1 is your one-stop-shop for learning how to drive as a complete beginner. You’ll get to drive our special dual control system vehicle, and an instructor will teach you everything including basic driving, parking skills, intermediate driving, rules & regulations, and a series of lesser-known tips & tricks for getting the most out of your driving examination. We’ve proven the effectiveness of our teaching methods by training hundreds of now-exceptional drivers. You could be next!

Length: 18 hours

Lessons: 12 ( x 1.5hr)

Starting at $1400.

Total Beginner: 2

The Total Beginner 2 is in many ways complimentary to Total Beginner 1, but offers double the practical driving time in our dual control system vehicles, and thus a more in-depth examination and improvement of your driving skills. This is the perfect course for someone that wants to take the full trip from complete beginner to strong, safe driver, and with over 35 hours of instruction, we teach you everything in Total Beginner 1,  plus advanced parallel parking skills, traffic management techniques, how to maximize road awareness, and more! 

Length: 36 hours

Lessons: 24 ( x 1.5hr) 


Starting at $2650.

Defensive Driving Package

The Defensive Driving package is one of our most popular safety-focused courses. Aside from the intriguing name, to drive defensively is a philosophy that dates back almost half a century, and is often paired with the phrase ‘saving lives, saving time, and saving money, despite the actions of others around you’. Have you ever wanted to be a cool, controlled driver that senses situations before they happen? Our Defensive Driving course will teach you how to be assertive on the road, how to maximize the safety of yourself and others around you, and how to sense danger before it happens.

Starting at $330.

Winter Driving Package

It’s no secret: many drivers living in the Lower Mainland are deathly afraid of snow. When the weather conditions worsen, it’s not uncommon to see people stuck on hills, others undergoing frequent skidding and loss of traction, and the occasional highway accident or two. If ice, snow, and winter driving in general has ever scared you, our team provides an in-depth Winter Driving course that covers advanced snow & ice safety techniques to keep you safe behind the wheel. You’ll learn how to increase tire traction, avoid slippage, and minimize the odds of danger during a hard skid or a loss of control.  

Starting at $330.


We ask that if you are unable to attend a lesson or need to adjust the pick-up place or time that you contact us with more than 24 hours notice. You can contact us by phone or text at 604- 506-1785. We do have a charge of $60.00 for Late Cancellations of less than 24 hours, and for NSF cheques. Lessons where you DO NOT SHOW (NO SHOW) will be charged out at the FULL regular lesson price. A lesson may be forfeited in lieu of payment in the case of a pre-paid lesson packages. We understand there are situations beyond your control. If you have to cancel a lesson booking within 24 hours of its scheduled time, contact us as soon as you can – we will try to work out a solution.


We schedule a finite number of lessons every day. If lessons are cancelled, we lose the opportunity to work during that time which reduces the opportunity to put another student in your spot for that day. Once the time is gone, it’s gone for good.

All students will receive the driving time they have paid for or, in the case of a prepaid package of lessons, students can receive a refund of any unused in-car portion of their package (for in-car lessons not yet received) by notifying Mint Driving Academy of the intention to withdraw from all remaining lessons. The student will be charged the current regular single lesson rate only for the in-car lessons already taught. There are no other service charges for withdrawing from lessons provided you cancel according to the guidelines contained in the Late Cancel / No Show Policy. 


Lessons will normally be a full 90 minutes or any other length of time agreed upon between student and school or student and instructor. During the lesson, the student will receive both driving time behind the wheel and verbal training where the training vehicle may or may not be in actual motion due to safety considerations, and each of our lessons contains at least 90% actual practice driving time. 


All lessons start and end at the appointed time, although the lesson may start earlier if there is mutual agreement between the student and the instructor. If the student is late for a lesson appointment the student loses that portion of the lesson time for which he or she was late. If the instructor is late for a lesson appointment the student does not lose any lesson time, as the student will receive a time extension of his or her lesson equal to the time the instructor was late either immediately at the end of the same lesson or on another lesson at a future date in addition to that lesson’s normal and regular length.

A few of our testimonials

“Duda is an excellent instructor. She teaches you how to drive safely. Thanks to her help I was able to pass on my first attempt. She has a very good teaching method. She draws the scenarios for you on a clipboard and you can always text her with any questions. The price is very reasonable and I would gladly recommend her.”

Roberta Campeao

“I started driving lessons with Duda without any prior driving experience. I learned everything I needed to know about being a safe, smart, and responsible driver while under her guidance and I was equipped with all the proper skills to pass the road test first try and receive my N. Duda makes learning to drive very fun! Her kind demeanor makes the lessons very enjoyable and comfortable. Her outgoing and confident approach to teaching helped me build confidence on the road, my driving proficiency is a result of her expert instruction and good communication between teacher and student. I would not be here without her excellent help. Superb service and awesome value! Thank you Duda! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their driving skills!”

Casian Chen

“I had the privilege to be taught by Duda Petrovic. There are not enough words to express of how well of a patient and encouraging teacher she is. I wouldn’t recommend any other driving academy other than Mint driving academy. I’m happy to say that I was able to pass my N test on the first try due to Duda’s and the academy’s high quality of teaching. :)”

Emma Lizdek

Frequently asked questions

Can I use your vehicle for my road test?

Yes, you can absolutely use Mint Driving Academy instruction vehicles for your road test. Our students often feel most comfortable taking the test in the car that they spend hours learning in.

Can you book the Road test appointment with ICBC?

Yes, we can book the Road test appointment with ICBC for our students.

How much is a driving lesson?

All driving lessons and courses are designed to fit the individual needs of our students. We have several packages ranging from $330 and up. You can find additional cost information here

How many lessons do I need?

As much as we wish we could tell you right off the bat, there is no straight answer to that question! Driving needs are all individual. Most students excel within 10-20 lessons, but some need more or less. We certainly do recommend additional lessons to build up confidence, experience and a strong understanding of the road – the ICBC recommendation, for example, is 40 – 60 hours of practice behind the wheel prior to the successful Road Test result.

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